He’s Unchangeable…I’m Changeable

hebrews 13 8

Some days I take two steps back and one step forward or maybe even three steps back and one step forward. Frustrated that I cannot always move forward. But what I have learned is that those steps back can be helpful in my progression to move forward. Sometimes when we attempt to win victory over a sin in our life…we can frequently fail. Those failures can bring us to a place of being more aware and sorrowful for our sin. Our heart then cries out to God for His mercy and grace. Not a cry for God to remove the desire, but a cry for His grace to enable us to have victory over the sin. You see, it’s not the removal of the sinful desire that gives God glory. It’s our surrender to Him and the understanding that we no longer believe the lie. What lie you ask? Well, it’s two-fold actually.  First of all, we believe that the sinful desire will complete the promise it has told us and we will be fulfilled.  A sinful desire never completes its promise.  The only promise it provides is guilt and shame.  Secondly, we believe the desire we have is of greater worth than God. It’s true!  Every time we choose a sinful desire we have chosen something that is not what God desires for us and usurps Him.  Beloved, It is God’s presence and His grace that allows the victory in our lives and that gives Him glory.

So, I thank Him today that He is unchangeable..immutable. If He were changeable, how could He ever be trusted? If he were changeable, how could He ever change me into His likeness. He is trustworthy and true. He is the faithful, unchangeable creator who loved me before the world was created.

Jesus is the unchangeable savior who continues to rescue me every day and the Father will one day deliver every one who is His child to the bridegroom as His spotless bride.