I am a wife of one, mother of two, sister of three, friend to many, Bible teacher, writer, designer and artist.   A wretch ransomed, “brought me (us) into the kingdom of the Son He loves.”  Colossians 1:13.  With God’s help, running the race to pursue the Lord with resolute abandon.   His love makes my heart thrive.  Pressing on to honor Him with obedience, worship Him in the splendor of His holiness, and love Him with all my heart, soul, strength, and mind.  Humbly amazed that He loves me and pressing on to be faithful to Him.  “Not that I have already obtained all this, or have already been made perfect, but I press on to take hold of that for which Christ Jesus took hold of me.” Philippians 3:12

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5 thoughts on “About

  1. Thank you for the identity post. It is true, what you believe about yourself and life will determine how you will live.
    I have been working on identity for sometime, and how I react to life does determine what I believe.
    You stated, if there was anything you could do for me, do not hesitate to ask. I ask, pray that I may receive the revelations of the truth that the truth will work out in the experience. I work hard on this but am missing something or much. I am tired.

    Thank you,


    • Good to hear from you my brother in Christ. I WILL pray for you. All of us fall victim to continuing to live the lies regarding our identity of our “old man” in contrast to our “new man.” That is just one place where the “father of lies” can get us trapped in a web of deceit and stunt our growth in Christ. We must consistently renew our mind to the truth of who we are in Christ. Sometimes it’s battling the emotions that are so fickle and can bring us to wrong thinking. And sometimes it’s actually battling the thoughts that keep us pegged in our “old man.” The father of lies knows our weaknesses, but the Word of God says, “greater is He that is in you than he that is in the world.” That verse tells me that I don’t have to feel or act defeated by him because Christ has conquered him and, of course, is greater than him. Seek Him with all your heart and with all your mind and all your strength. It is dependence on Him that sets us free. Sometimes when we “try” we still haven’t given it over to Him..it’s still us just trying harder. Dependence on Him says “I give up trying…I can’t do it…only You can do it through me.” That is why we, in and of ourselves, cannot live the Christian life…we have to allow Christ to live His life through us. It’s not about us getting better….because we will never get better as long as we live in this sinful flesh. It’s about Him living through us.

      In Him-


  2. Thank you for your site. I have been in a world of Hell. This was what I needed to hear.

    In a nut shell, as a child, drugs, alcohol, persecution, abandonment, foster home, poor, homeless, fatherless, violence, etc. etc. As a young adult, drugs, prison, crimes, violence etc. After prison I went through some stuff and made a choice to live as God wanted.

    I built up a life and in the end lost it all. I was an ex-con trying to amend my ways but never was free from the past. Some of which was satanic and horrible. I walked the straight and narrow, raised a family and became a workaholic. Worked as a janitor and made a business of it. 10 years of seven days a week then burn out. I had nothing left to give. 4 children and a wife was my concern.

    I used a product,that was safe for energy called ephedrine (or so I thought). It became an addiction and I swallowed up to 200 pills a day for 3 years. My life was ruined by the drug. It put me in a gauntlet of every program out there. My mind was trapped in 12 step, self help books, religion, counselling, and on and on. Anti depressants, sleeping pills, anti-psychotics, ativan, and labels by psychologist, psychiatrist was to be another hell. Religion caused me to give away my possessions, all I worked for including my business. Dreams signs, & symbols were what I would interpret and madness stalked me. I saw things and heard things I will not mention. I went bankrupt 2x, family maintenance, courts, more broken relationships brought me to my end. I lost all that mattered; my kids. I once was looked up to by the community and in demand and now I am hated, a joke, and even my family has given up on me. I could go on with the details, as there is a lot more to say. You see, all of this was for doing the right thing (my power).

    About 9 months ago I tried to kill myself. I gassed myself for an hour from exhaust fumes. I should not be alive but… I had no hope and lost hope years ago. I decided that I was going to hell anyways and that I was useless as a human being. I new God wouldn’t save me.

    I have been pursuing God for the last 12 years. I have a lot of knowledge (useless) and tried it all and hate it all. I am firm in this. Only God can do it.
    I am struggling with things still along with an addiction to pain killers. I am firm to believe that God will remove it, and that God will by his hand restore me to sanity.

    I like Solomon wanted to know wisdom and desired to give my children like David the best things (the truth). I went mad (like Solomon) and was disconnected from life from it. I am humbled and know that I can do nothing on my own.

    He is truth, wisdom, courage, counselor, healer, rock, strong hold etc. and true life. He comes into my mind (my sheep hear my voice) and he presents himself uniquely according to his name, providing you with your need and by his name (above) he speaks wonderfully.

    Anyways I thank you for your site as I am there now (finally…I hope) to truly surrender and die daily.

    God bless


    • Oh my dear brother in Christ–thank you for sharing with me your history. You have traveled a hard road. I understand. But you are now on the narrow road that leads to life. Praise God! Isn’t it funny how we spend our life trying to create our own image, then when we finally give it up and realize it is of no avail and come to Christ, He starts to tear down what we tried to build up. God does not bless our efforts in the flesh. He only blesses what is done in faith, which is by His spirit. If there is anything I can do or say to assist you on your walk with our Lord, please do not hesitate to ask.


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